How to Save Chrome History

If you want to save the browsing history, you should read this article. This article is suitable for Windows OS users only. Chrome has an option to delete browsing history, but does not have an option to save the history.

For saving browsing history of Chrome, first you have to download ChromeHistoryView software by visiting ChromeHistoryView is a simple windows program which shows you the Chrome history and even lets you to export Chrome history in different file types.

After downloading the program, extract the zip file and just run the program. It will load all the history data with time, date, title etc. For saving all the Chrome history, just 'select all' by clicking 'CTRL + A' the displayed history data and right click on it and select 'Save Selected Items' option.

You can save the history in text file, HTML file, CSV file or in XML format. You can even select the columns which you want and leave which you don't.


This is an easy way to save Chrome history for Windows users. There are other ways of backing up Chrome history but this processes is simple and easy.