How to Recover Deleted Bookmarks in Chrome Browser

If you deleted your Chrome Bookmarks accidentally, follow these steps to restore deleted bookmarks. If your Bookmarks are important, you should backup them by exporting the bookmarks. For now, follow these simple steps to recover deleted bookmarks of Google Chrome browser.

1) If Bookmark Manager Tab is Still Open after Deleting Bookmarks:

If you accidentally deleted a single folder or single bookmark and that Bookmark Manager tab is still opened, this method may help you.

If you deleted a single bookmark in a Bookmark folder, right click on that folder and select 'Undo Delete' option.

If you deleted a Bookmark folder, click on the drop down icon next to 'Folders'  and select 'Undo Delete' option.

In this way you can recover a single deleted bookmark or folder. This method will not work, if you closed the Bookmark Manager tab after deleting the bookmark or deleted more than one bookmark.

If you deleted more than one bookmark or bookmark folder, you can restore last deleted bookmark with this method, not previously deleted bookmarks.

2) If Bookmark Manager Tab is Closed After Deleting Bookmark(s):

If you closed the Bookmark Manager tab out of shock, don't worry we have another plan. For this process, just close the Chrome browser and visit below address by typing it in your folder URL. Here we are assuming that you are using Windows OS and OS is installed in 'C' drive.

C:\Users\(Your Profile Name)\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Replace (Your Profile Name) with your Windows profile name. If you don't know your profile, visit C:\Users and check the profile.

After visiting the above address, you will see a list of folders and files. In that folder, search for Bookmark files.

Actually, you will see two files, 'Bookmarks' file and 'Bookmarks.bak' file. Now, you have to interchange the file types. For that, simply rename the 'Bookmark' file to ''. And remove the '.bak' extension of 'Bookmarks.bak' file. Now, again rename the '' file to 'Bookmarks.bak'.

So, in this way you will interchange the file types. In this method, you are actually replacing the bookmarks file which you deleted accidentally with the bookmarks backup file. Chrome always backs up Bookmarks. So, you will get back the deleted Chrome bookmarks easily.

Please note that, through this method, you can restore the bookmarks till the date of backup. If you added bookmarks after the date of backup, you can't get them with this method. For that, please visit this thread of Google Chrome Official forum and read the best answer.


These are few ways to restore the deleted Chrome bookmarks. You have to act immediately after deleting. If chrome updates the back up file after deletion, the second method may not work and you have to go through a lot of trouble to get back bookmarks.