How to Fix 'Aw, Snap!' Error

Sometimes you may see 'Aw, Snap!' error while loading a website on Google Chrome browser. This is something important to fix cause you may not load any website correctly. Aw, Snap! error fixes are very simple and can be done right away.

The main problem of getting Aw, Snap! error is the excessive usage of the memory. Applications running in the background or Chrome extensions or many opened tabs use most of the memory. So, this error occurs. So, read below fixes and try all of the fixes step-by-step.

1) Reload the Website:

The first step is to reload the website when you get this error. Most of the times, the website will load properly when you reload.

2) Close all Opened Tabs:

If you opened many tabs, then close all keeping only one or two opened tabs. If many tabs are opened and are loading a website, then too much RAM memory is used too much and this error wull ocucur.

With those opened tabs, you have to close any other opened programs too. In this way, RAM memory usage will be lowered. Open Windows Task Manager > Processes and see which program is taking more memory (Other than Chrome browser) and close them if possible.

3) Uninstall Chrome Extensions:

If you recently installed a Chrome extension, disable it and check whether you are getting the error again. If that's not the extension, disable all extensions at once or each one individually and check for the error. The best way to see if this error is due to extensions or not is by opening the website in incognito mode.

If the website is opening in incognito mode, then the fault is in extensions.

4) Clear the Browsing Data and Cache:

Cache may be a problem sometimes. Clear the cache by visiting settings > Show Advanced Settings > Privacy > Clear Browsing Data and choose Cookies box and Cached Images and files box.

5) Check for Malware:

Finally, check for malware by scanning the computer.


Above listed fixes are basic fixes. If Aw, Snap! error continues even after trying above fixes, visit Google Chrome support and ask the staff for help.