4 Best Places to Download Printable Rulers

Rulers are needed for measuring objects. We have seen few best online rulers for measuring small objects without any physical rulers. But what if you need a physical ruler for measuring an object which can't be placed on the screen?

In this article, we are going to list out few best printable rulers which can be printed and used as physical rulers. You can download a printable millimeter ruler, printable centimeter ruler or printable inch ruler. Few websites even have protractors and other rulers. Lets see them,

1) PrintableRulers:

This website is filled with different kinds of printable rulers. You can find standard rulers, class room rulers, professional rulers, metric rulers and many other type rulers.

Take a look at all these online printable rulers by visiting printablerulers.net.

2) Printable-Ruler:

A website filled with rulers and measuring tapes. You can download and print 12 inch rulers, measuring tapes, 30 cm rulers, centimeter rulers, half-centimeter rulers, half-inch rulers and even printable protractors too.

Take a look at these website's printable rulers and download the one you want. Visit printable-ruler.net/all-rulers/ for more info.

3) Free Printable - Rulers:

Do you like to use a colorful printed ruler? Try the rulers listed on this website. You can download colorful printable rulers of different designs, 7 inch rulers, 8 inch rulers, 6 inch rulers, printable one foot ruler and many more.

Take a look at these free printable rulers by visiting freeprintable.com/free-printable-ruler.

4) PrintARuler:

With these printable rulers, you can make a functional ruler which can be used to draw lines. Follow simple instructions to fold the ruler and to use as a full functional ruler.

Download these printable rulers by visiting printaruler.com/printable_rulers.php.


These are few best places to get different printable rulers for free. While printing these rulers, don't shrink to fit the size of the paper. Just print as it is. Download, print and use.