4 Best Online Voice Recorders

You can find a voice recorder in a Windows PC or in most of the smartphones. So, you can quickly record your voice by opening voice recorder application. But what if you don't have any audio recording application and want to record the voice?

A simple way is to use an online audio recorder. These online voice recorders can record your voice and let you to share or download the recorded audio on to your local storage. In this article, we are going to list out the best online voice recorders. Lets see them,

1) 123Apps - Voice Recorder:

One of the best and free online voice recorder for recording audio online. Record the audio and download it as an mp3 file. Best features of this recorder are its Auto silence trimming and cropping options. Silent parts will be deleted automatically and you can crop the audio after recording it.

Try this best online voice recorder by visiting online-voice-recorder.com.

2) Vocaro:

This service is for recording audio online and sending them as messages. After recording the audio, a shareable link will be given. You can share or download or delete the recording instantly.

Take a look at this audio recorder online by visiting vocaroo.com.

3) SpeakPipe:

A simple voice recorder online which will save the recorded file directly to the local storage. Your recording will not be saved on the server. So, if you want privacy for your audio, use this recorder.

Visit this voice recorder at speakpipe.com/voice-recorder.

4) Voicespice:

This is an online voice changer service where you can record your voice by changing it to other voices or in normal voice. You can also change the pitch of the recording audio to high or to low. This service also features an online text-to-speech service.

Take a look at this service by visiting voicespice.com.


So, these are few best online audio recorders to use for recording your voice. Few of these service let you to share or to download the recorded audio on to local storage. Try all these and use the one which you like.