3 Best Online Unzip Tools

We have many free file compression software to install on Windows OS. But what if you don't have any software installed on your computer or want to extract files from your web accessible mobile phone?

In that case, you have to use online unzip tools. These unzip utilities can extract files from compressed folders for free. You just have to upload the zipped file and hit extract button. In this article, we are going to list out the best online unzip utilities. Lets see them,

1) B1 Online Archiver:

One of the best online archivers which supports many zip formats. Just upload the file, hit extract button and download your extracted files. Very simple and secure way to unzip files online.

Visit online.b1.org/online to try this free online archiver.

2) Extract.me:

This online unzip service got many features and lot of options for extracting files. You can upload the zipped file or enter online URL of the file to extract the contents. You can also enter file URL in Google Drive or Dropbox for extraction. Supports over 60 file types and can unpack multi-part archcies too.

So, unzip online at extract.me.

3) Wobzip:

This service also supports many compressed file types and has maximum size limit of 200 mb. So, you can extract large files online too.

Take a look at this online compressed file extractor by visiting wobzip.org.


These are few best online zip file extractors to use. With these tools, you can unzip 7z files online, unzip rar files online and unzip many other compressed file types without any issues.