5 Best Online Rulers

Rulers are more needed for students while doing their homework. If you want to quickly measure a paper or an object's length and width, you can use a real ruler. If that real ruler is not in your reach, your best option would be an online ruler.

Online rulers are free and comes very handy when you are away from an actual ruler. These online rulers are displayed on the computer or smartphones screen and you have to keep the object which you want to measure on the screen.

In this article, we are going to list out the best online rulers for measuring the objects length and width. Lets see them,

1) RealRuler:

Most accurate online ruler for measuring the objects accurately. This is a long online ruler which can be used as a millimeter ruler, centimeter ruler or as an inch ruler. Don't forget to calibrate the ruler.

Use this ruler by visiting realruler.com.

2) PreciseRuler:

A simple ruler for measuring horizontally or vertically. One of the best online millimeter ruler with centimeter grading. You can also switch for inch ruler. You will get 12 inch ruler or 6 inch ruler based on your display size and resolution.

Use this online ruler by visiting preciseruler.com.

3) Free Online Ruler:

Visit this website and measure directly. This ruler can be dragged for better measuring. You wull find mm, cm and inch grading on the ruler. An advanced and best online inch ruler.

Take a look at this ruler by visiting freeonlineruler.com.

4) PiliApp Ruler:

The best part of this online centimeter ruler is its drag feature. You can drag the ruler around the screen for better measuring. But don't forget to calibrate the ruler.

Try this online millimeter ruler by visiting piliapp.com/actual-size/cm-ruler/.

5) Longruler:

Very simple ruler with no big options and features. Just calibrate the ruler and use it.

Take a loot at this ruler by visiting longruler.com.


These are few best online rulers for measuring small objects. You can also use printable rulers by printing them on a paper. So choose a ruler of your choice.