4 Best Online Rubik's Cube Timers

You need practice to solve a Rubik's cube in less time. Best way to know your solving speed is by using timers. Buy for solving Rubik's cube, you can't use normal timers. Then what should you use?

You have to use other timers which are called as Rubik's Cube timers for practicing. these are specifically designed for Rubik's cubes. You can buy a timer or use an online Rubik's Cube timer. In this article, we are going to list out the best online Rubik's cube timers. Lets see them,

A simple Rubik's cube timer for practicing. With this timer, you can see the statistics, different solving times and you can also see the graph of your performance. You can save the timings, download them or save them in the cloud.

Use this free Rubik's Cube timer by visiting ruwix.com/online-rubiks-stopwatch-timer/.

2) csTimer:

With this timer, you can save the performance times, see statistics, choose different Rubik's cubes, import the readings, save them and can use many other features to get perfect results. Want to solve by blindfolding? Thus timer has that features too. You have feet timer and one-handed timer too.

Take a look at this Rubik's cube timer by visiting cstimer.net.

If you want to compare your solving time with others, you have to use this timer. CubeMania is a place to save your times and compete with other users.

Take a look at this online timer for Rubik's cube by visiting cubemania.org.

If you want to participate in online Rubik's cube competitions, this site is for you. Compete with professionals or with your friends online. You can see the statistics of your performance and get detailed report of your performance.

Use this timer by visiting cubingtime.com/timer.


These are few best online Rubik's cube timers for practicing and for competing with others.