9 Best Online Notepads

Notepad is a simple application but is very needed for almost all computer users. You can quickly create a notepad and enter information like class notes, dictation and other content easily. You can use notepads or sticky notes for quick list.

But you can't share the notepads created in your computer with others, you can't access them through other devices without uploading and saving on web and most importantly, they are not secured.

In that case, you have to use online notepad for taking notes, to create a secure notepad or quick list etc. Online notepad can be helpful on work. There are various notepads online which have unique features.

In this article, we are going to list out the best online notepads. Lets see them,

Very simple online notepad which saves the notepad in your browser itself. Created notes are saved as drafts in the browser. You can create multiple notepads and are saved in the browser as drafts. You can also create a temporary link for the notes for sharing with others.

Take a look at this best online notepad by visiting justnotepad.com.

This is a multi-featured free online notepad suitable for business people. With this notepad, you can create multiple note tabs side-by-side for easy reference, create custom URL with password protection, add calendar appointments and directly send the notes to others or print or download the notes.

Try this free notepad online by visiting itextpad.com.

If you don't like to type the notes, use this speech to text online notepad. Just dictate the notes you want to write. This speech notepad is available in many languages too. This speech to text feature only works on Google Chrome browser, so if you use other browsers, you have to type by yourself.

Take a look at this online speech to text notepad by visiting speechnotes.co.

One of the best and secure online notepad to use. Encrypt all your notes and protect it easily. No registration required, no hassle, no ads and simple to understand interface. You can add many tabs, save them or delete them easily.

Take a look at this best secure online notepad by visiting protectedtext.com.

This online notepad features a WYSIWIG editor for more styling of the text. Features daily backups, data encryption, you can create shareable link and has many more features. The best part of this notepad is its 3 day deletion period. In that time, you can restore your deleted notepad.

Take a look at this notepad by visiting note-pad.net/en/.

This a free and browser based notepad. This free text editor has very simple interface to write and have options to save, download and share. You can access it anywhere, find and replace a word and also features spellchecker.

Try this browser notepad by visiting onlinenotepad.org.

7) aNotepad:

This is one of the best online notepad with rich text editor. Very simple interface, easy to create and save a note. You have to register to create private notes.

Take a look at this online notepad by visiting anotepad.com.

If you like to write notes online, this free notepad can be useful for you. Its easy to organize your notes, folders and easy to find notes by just searching a word in it. Features text editor and you can share your notes with others.

Take a look at this online text editor and notepad by visiting 77page.io.

An advanced notepad online with amazing features. You can create, store, edit the notes and you can also add images in the notes. Easy to access anywhere, easy to organize and more importantly, its free. If you don't want to see any ads or want more space, you have to upgrade your account.

Take a look at this notepad online by visiting notepad.io.


These are few best online notepads with different features suited for different situations. Write down notes, grocery list or simple content, these will give you better result.