3 Best Online Noise Meters

Noise monitoring tools and apps are best suited for classroom with students. These tools will help upi you to measure the noise in a room. If you want to monitor noise in a classroom, you should check this article.

You have many noise meter applications for smartphones and for PC's. You can also use online noise meters which are free and very simple to use. In this article, we are going to list out the best online noise meters. Lets see them,

1) Bouncy Balls:

A funny online sound meter for classroom with kids. Set microphone sensitivity and choose the noise alert to warn you about the noise. The best part of this noise meter is its themes. You can set different themes which will bounce with the sound.

Take a look at this online noise meter by visiting bouncyballs.org.

2) Too Noisy Lite:

A simple browser application to see the intensity of the noise in a group or classroom or at any other place. You can choose different modes, set sensitivity of the microphone, set dampening and mainly it has very funny looking interface.

Take a look at this online sound meter by visiting s3.amazonaws.com/coolaudioapps/trylite/index2.html.

3) Calmness Counter:

A simple online decibel meter with simple interface. A rotating needle will go to its extreme position with the intensity of the noise or sound. This is like a noise speedometer.

Visit this best online sound meter at ictgames.com/calmCounter.html.


These are few best online noise meters suited for classrooms, groups, at home and at other places. Bouncy Balls is more interactive noise meter for classroom filled with kids.