7 Best Places to Play Minesweeper Online

Minesweeper is one of the best strategy games since 1960. You can find this game in DOS operating system and in other operating systems too. Its a classic game and if you want to play it with out installing anywhere, read this article.

You can find many online minesweeper games with different UI. In this article, we are going to list out few best websites to play minesweeper online. Lets see these best online minesweeper games,

1) World of Minesweeper:

One of the best place to play classic minesweeper online. This game is similar to old minesweeper game of DOS operating system. You will have three levels to play or you can create your own grid to play. You can see the rankings of other players and statistics of the game.

Visit minesweeper.online to play now.

2) Play Minesweeper:

Another place to play classic minesweeper online. This minesweeper game's UI is similar to above listed game and you will not have any distractions while playing the game.

Visit play-minesweeper.com to play online minesweeper.

3) Egraether - Mine3D:

A modern 3D minesweeper game to play. You will see the grid in 3D which can be rotated. An awesome minesweeper game to play. If you are bored of same old minesweeper interface, try this game.

Play 3D minesweeper game online by visiting egraether.com/mine3d/.

4) Minesweeper.io:

Do you want to play multi-player online minesweeper? If your answer is yes, visit this website. Create an account and play with other online players. You can see a scoreboard of the top players in that match. Score well to get top position.

Visit minesweeper.io for more info.

5) MRBL.io:

Another online minesweeper game with simple and attractive interface. Choose different levels to play or you can create your own grid.

Take a look at this game by visiting mrbl.io.

6) MinesweeperFlags:

This is a multi-player minesweeper game with an option to play with a robot. Login with your Facebook account or login as a guest to play with others or to play minesweeper with a robot.

Visit minesweeperflags.net/play to play with a robot.

7) Web Minesweeper:

Want to play minesweeper in different shapes? This online minesweeper features different shapes of blocks to play. You can choose triangle blocks or square blocks or hexagon blocks or any other shape. Choose the shape, difficulty level and play the game.

Take a look at this minesweeper game online at webminesweeper.com.


So, these are few best online minesweeper games to play. Each one have their own features, visit all these websites and choose the best for you.