3 Best Online iOS Simulators

Are you developing an iOS app and want to test it quickly or do you have a website which have to be tested for responsiveness on iPhone or iPad? If your answer is yes for both of these questions, then you must read this article.

iOS simulators will help you to test an app without actually using a real phone. We have iPhone simulators and iPad simulators for testing. In this article, we are going to list out few best online iOS simulators. Lets see them,

1) Appetize.io:

Are you developing an iOS app? Want to test it on an iPhone or iPad? In that case, you have to use an iPhone simulator or iPad simulator. With this tool, you can instantly upload your app and test it on various devices. This can be used as an online iPhone simulator or as an android simulator. Its neat interface and features are enough for testing online.

Visit appetize.io for more info.

2) Responsimulator:

This is an online iPhone and iPad emulator for testing the responsiveness of a website on these devices. See how your website looks on iPhone or iPad with this tool.

Visit responsimulator.com to test your website on iPhone and iPad.

3) iPadPeek:

This free iOS simulator is similar to above listed simulator. With this tool, you can test your websites responsiveness on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or 5S and on iPad.

Take a look at this iPhone emulator by visiting ipadpeek.com.


So, these are few best online iOS simulators to test iOS apps online or to see your website's responsiveness on these devices.