5 Best Online Histogram Makers

Histograms are graphical representation of frequency distribution of continuous data in set of ranges. If you have values and want to create a histogram online, you can use these online histogram makers.

These histogram creators will let you to generate a histogram online and few of these tools will let you to download or print the chart. In this article, we are going to list out few best online histogram chart makers. Lets see them,

1) Plot.ly:

This is an advanced histogram chart generating tool. Creating a histogram chart is easy with its awesome features. With Histograms, you can also generate scatter plots, bar graphs, line plots and many more.

Visit plot.ly/create/histogram/ for more info.

2) Meta-Chart:

Another advanced online histogram generator with many chart designing options. This tool is different from others and best suited for presentations. You can choose horizontal or vertical orientation, much needed option for big histogram charts, you can make 3D histograms online and have many options to get a perfect histogram chart.

Visit meta-chart.com/histogram for more info.

3) Shodor:

An interactive online histogram maker. This interactive histogram making tool shows the graph right away when you update the values.

Take a look at this histogram chart maker by visiting shodor.org/interactivate/activities/Histogram/.

4) MathCracker:

A simple histogram generator for online viewing. Just enter the data, type number of bins and generate your histogram chart. You can't print the graph but this tool is good for online viewing.

Visit mathcracker.com/histogram-maker.php for more info.

5) Socscistatistics:

Another simple histogram graph generator online. Just enter the values and a histogram chart will be prepared for you. The best part of this histogram creator is its data analysis. You can see a frequency table and histogram chart data in this tool. You can't print or download the chart but good for online viewing.

Take a look at this simple histogram maker by visiting socscistatistics.com/descriptive/histograms/.


So, these are few best online histogram chart creators you should try before trying other online histogram makers. Generate a chart in all of these tools and choose the best one.