3 Best Online Face Swapping Tools

Face swapping is a funny way to tease your friends. Just swap the faces of two images and you will get a new funny picture. We have many face swapping apps, but what if you want to swap faces online?

In this article, we are going to list out the best online face swapping tools which can be used to swap faces online without much work. Lets see them,

1) Face Swap Online:

This is a meme website where people post the face swapped pictures. Beside posting these pictures, you can face swap through a face swapping tool. Upload the picture or paste the URL of the online image, change colors, set filters and can do many changes in the picture to get the perfect face swapped image.

Take a look at this tool by visiting faceswaponline.com/composite.

2) Change Faces:

With this online face swapping tool, you can upload the picture or take a selfie directly from the tool. Cit the face and paste to scene images.

Visit changefaces.com for more info.

3) PhotoFunia:

Using this face swapping tool is simple and easy. Upload two images, cut the face of the face image and attach it to base image, that's it! You got a new face swapped picture.

Visit photofunia.com/effects/face_swap for swapping faces online.


These are few best face swapping online tools for swapping faces and having some fun with your friends. Try all these tools and use the one which you like.