3 Best Online Emoji Keyboards

Emoji's became a part of texting. If you are texting, then chances of using emoji's are more. You may have seen best online emoji makers list on our website. Now, this article is about online emoji keyboards.

Emoji keyboard apps are third-party keyboard apps for smartphones and tablet PC's, which feature more emoji's than we see in normal stock keyboards. If you are sending messages from online, you can't use these apps, instead you can use online emoji keyboard services.

You can use these emoji keyboards for updating on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. In this article, we are going to list out few best online emoji keyboards. Lets see them,

1) EmojiKeyboard.org:

This online emoji keyboard has many emoji categories to use in your text. Just type the message and use emoji from the list. Smiley emoji's, people emoji's, objects, nature emoji's, animal emoji's and the list goes on. Very easy to search for an emoji and you can also see its meaning.

Take a look at this online emoji keyboard by visiting emojikeyboard.org.

2) iEmoji:

A Full featured online emoji keyboard. You can type text using emoji's from the list. The best feature of this emoji keyboard is to send an SMS directly from the website. You can send as an email or take a picture of the message and save it as an image on to your storage.

Use this emoji keyboard by visiting iemoji.com/keyboard.

3) HotEmoji:

Another advanced free online emoji keyboard for emoji lovers. This website features large sized emoji's in different categories. You have flag emoji's, online skin tone emoji's, travel emoji's and many more.

Visit hotemoji.com/emoji-keyboard.html for typing text online with emoji's.


These are few best online emoji keyboards available for free. If you are using Facebook or Twitter or any other social media site on desktop, these emoji keyboards will be helpful to you.