3 Best Online Abacus Simulators

Abacus is a counting tool which was used in Europe, China and Russia before invention of numeral system. You can read about it on Wikipedia. We have Japanese abacus and Chinese abacus.

Still kids are learning the way to use the Abacus. If you want to try abacus, this article is for you. In this article, we are going to list out the best online Abacus simulators. Lets see them,

1) Uni-Marburg.de - Abacus Simulators:

This website features two types of online abacus, Japanese Abacus and Chinese Abacus. You can use both the tools to learn and understand the way they work.

For online Japanese Abacus, visit mathematik.uni-marburg.de/~thormae/lectures/ti1/code/abacus/soroban.html.

For online Chinese Abacus, visit mathematik.uni-marburg.de/~thormae/lectures/ti1/code/abacus/sanpan.html.

2) Alcula - Abacus Simulators:

This website also features two types of virtual abacuses. Just enter the value to see that value in an abacus.

For virtual Japanese Abacus (Soroban), visit alcula.com/soroban.php.

For virtual Chinese Abacus (Suanpan), visit alcula.com/suanpan.php.

3) Typo.co.il - JavaScript Abacus:

This is a simple Javascript Abacus with many types of abacus. You choose a Japanese Abacus or a Chinese abacus or others.

Take a look at this online Abacus by visiting typo.co.il/~mooffie/abacus/abacus.html.


So, these are best online Abacus simulators for learning. If you are teaching Abacus to your kids, these simulators will help them to understand.