2 Best Online Karaoke Makers

Karaoke makers are useful for singers who love to sing with background music of a song. These Karaoke makers are also called as voice removers as they delete vocals of a song.

You can use voice remover software or simply use online voice remover for getting a karaoke track. In this article, we are going to list out the best online karaoke makers. Lets see them,

1) Vocal Remover Pro:

This is the best of the best online voice remover used by many people around the world. The best part of this karaoke track maker is its ability to make karaoke from YouTube videos. You can upload a song for conversion or enter the YouTube video URL to get karaoke track.

Try this best online karaoke maker by visiting vocalremoverpro.com/online-vocal-remover.html.

2) X-Minus -Vocal Cut:

Another best free online karaoke creator but has few limitations. Just drag and drop the song file to get the converted karaoke track online.

Try this karaoke track maker by visiting x-minus.pro/vocal-cut.


These are the best online karaoke makers for removing vocals from a song. People who love to sing will like these tools.