4 Best Online Interval Timers

If you have a smartphone, you can use many interval timer apps. But if you have a basic mobile which can connect to web, you can use online interval timers while working out or boxing, circuit training etc.

In this article, we have listed the best online interval timers which are free and easy to use. Lets see them,

The best of the best online interval timer for people. This website has many types of interval timers like High Intensity Interval Timer, Online Tabata Timer, Rounds Timer or you can also set your own interval timer. Very professionally looking interval timer.

Use this free online interval timer by visiting intervaltimer.com.

A simple online interval timer. It has very basic functions like adding intervals, starting the timer and counting the total time. Very basic and simple looking online interval timer.

Try this interval timer by visiting online-stopwatch.com/interval-timer/.

This is one of the best online Tabata timer to use as a workout interval timer. Large interval timer with total workout times, alarm sounds, count down time, rounds and many more options. Another good Tabata timer online.

Try this workout timer by visiting fitlb.com/tabata-timer.

This is an advanced online interval timer. Features a simple interface with many options to set round intervals, high intensity intervals, low intensity intervals, rest length, font sizes etc. Use this as boxing interval timer, workout interval timer or as timer for other sports.

Try this advanced interval timer by visiting speedbagforum.com/timer.html.


These are few best online interval timers to use. Each one in this list have their own importance. So, try all and choose the one which you like.