2 Best Online Flashlights

Online flashlights are the best torches in few situations. If you have a torch or even s smartphone, you can use their flash as torch. But in few situations, you may be far from those torches and smartphones.

If you have access to internet on computer, laptop or even mobile phone, you can use their screen as flashlight. Lets see few best online flashlights.

A free online flashlight for users. When flashlight is switched on, the screen brightness goes to full and you can see a soft light from the screen. There is also a free flashlight app for android devices from this team.

Try this free flashlight online by visiting freeonlineflashlight.com.

This is more than a normal flashlight. This free online mood light can be used to get disco lights from the screen, flashlight, mood lights and normal lights from the screen. Based on your mood, you can change the color.

Try this online mood light by visiting moodlight.org.


There are other online flashlights, but you will have good experience with above listed websites. A simple way to have light without a torch.