3 Best Online Audio Converters

You can convert audio on you r computer or even in smartphone by using programs and apps. But what if you want to convert an audio file online? continue reading.

We have many free online audio converters which are free to use and have many different features to get our desired audio format in best quality. We have listed few best online audio converters with good design and easy process for converting audio files.

Lets see these best audio converters online,

1) Online-Convert:

An amazing and mostly used online audio converter. This site supports conversion of over 50 audio file formats. You can upload the audio file or enter the URL of the audio file or select the audio file from Dropbox or Google Drive for conversion.

You can change the audio bit rate, sampling rate, audio channels and you can also trim the audio. Convert from wav to mp3, m4v to mp3 and to many more formats.

Check this audio conversion tool by visiting audio.online-convert.com.

2) aconvert:

This free online audio converter can convert your audio file to over 10+ audio file formats with changes in bit rate and sample rate. Convert audio files present online by entering their URL.

Try this amazing audio file converter by visiting aconvert.com/audio/.

3) Audio Converto:

This service converts audio files when you upload them to the site. The best part of this web service is its file size limit. Max file limit is 100 mb.

Try this audio converter by visiting audioconverto.com.


These are few best online audio converters based on many points. The first web service is enough for most of the conversions. So, try all and use the one which you like.