6 Best Free File Compression Software for Windows

File compressors save the space by compressing the files. You can compress large files for transferring or saving to disk or for other reasons. You can also compress files and keep a password to protect them from others.

So, you should install a best file compressor to compress or extract the files from zip archives. In this article, we are going to list out the best file compressors for Windows which are free to download and use.

1) 7-Zip:

The best of the best free file compressor for Windows. It is comparable with other best paid file compressors because of its features and compression technology used. 7-Zip is a open source project with high compression ratio and supports various zip formats. It uses Strong AES-256 encryption for protection, has self-extracting capabilities for 7z format. This will be the best file compressing freeware for Windows.

Try this free file archiver by downloading from 7-zip.org.

2) jZip:

This file extractor is based on above listed software, 7-Zip. jZip is also a free file compressor for compressing files and unzipping various format zips. This also features fast compression ratio like 7-Zip.

Try this free file archiver by visiting jzip.com.

3) PeaZip:

This free file archiver is based on various open source compression technologies to get the best compressed file extraction, file compression and file encryption. This archiver supports over 180 file formats for unzipping, you can compress the file and enjoy very strong encryption through this free file compressor.

Try this free file archiver by visiting peazip.org.

4) Zip Archiver 4:

This is another fastest file archiver and extractor available for free. It supports many formats including Zip, RAR, TAR and 7Z files. Best feature of this file compressor is the ability to upload archives directly to mostly used cloud services like  Dropbox, Yandex.Disk, One Drive and Google Drive.

Try this file extractor by downloading from ziparchiver.hamstersoft.com.

5) Bandizip:

This is a lightweight and fast zip extractor and file compressor for Windows. It can compress files in many formats and can extract various formats at high speed. You can also create self extracting and split archives with this free file extractor.

Try this all-in-one zip archiver by downloading from bandisoft.com/bandizip.

6) B1 Free Archiver:

This is a simple and full featured file compressor available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android operating systems. It is an open source software with high compression ratio, best encryption and fast compression and extraction features. Very attractive interface and you will love it.

Try this free Windows file compressor by visiting b1.org.


So, these are best file compressors for Windows which are free to download and use. If you are using Mac, you can see the best free file compressor for Mac. Try all file archivers from above list and choose the one which you like.