5 Best Blu-Ray Players for Windows

Blu-Ray discs are different from generally used DVD discs. The Blu-Ray discs are more advanced than normal DVD's and can store very large files in a single disc, like 50 GB of storage in a single dual layer disc. So, you can store large data in a single Blu-Ray disc rather than in many DVD's.

But the only problem is that, you need to have a Blu-Ray disc writer, because normal DVD readers can't read Blu-Ray discs. Basically, we find Blu-Ray discs for movies and storing high quality video files. So, you need Blu-Ray players for playing those Blu-Ray movies and videos.

In this article, we are going to list out the best Blu-Ray players for Windows. These are free to install and use.

1) VLC Media Player:

This is an all rounder. We have listed this media player in best music players for Windows list too. A single and best of the best media player for playing video and audio files. And this open source video player has the ability to play Blu-Ray discs without any issues.

Want to watch high quality videos of your Blu-Ray discs, download and install this player by visiting videolan.org/vlc/.

2) 5KPlayer:

This is an awesome video player filled with features to play even 5K videos on your PC or laptop. With Blu-Ray videos, you can also play 4K, 5K or 1080p videos too. Play music files, directly download videos from many famous online video sites through this player and play video of many formats. This player also supports AirPlay, to stream audio or video content from iOS devices.

Another amazing video player after VLC media player. Download this free video player by visiting 5kplayer.com.

3) LEAWO Blu-ray Player:

This free Blu-Ray player is completely for playing Blu-Ray videos on your PC or laptop. This player is more towards Blu-Ray player but it can play DVD's, CD's, HD videos and even 4K videos. With playing high quality videos, you can play music, play ISO files etc.

Try this Windows 10 Blu Ray player by visiting leawo.org/blu-ray-player.

4) DivX Player:

DivX player is a free video player for Windows and Mac. This Blu-Ray player can be used to play various video audio formats. With that video and audio playing capabilities, this player can stream online videos, you can convert video to other formats and can do many more.

This player can be downloaded and used for free. If you want more features, you can go for PRO version. Download free version by visiting divx.com/en/software/divx.

5) Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player:

Another simple and best Blu-Ray player for Windows.This Windows Blu-Ray player can play Blu-ray discs and Blu-Ray ISO files. With Blu-Ray videos, you can also play various video and audio files on your PC or laptop. You can upgrade to PRO version for even more advanced features.

Try this free Windows Blu-Ray player by visiting macblurayplayer.com/windows-bluray-player.htm.


So, these are few best free Windows Blu-Ray players. These video players can also be used to play other video and audio formats. Try all of these players and use the one which you like.