4 Best Online eBook Creators

eBooks are the downloadable electronic books which can be read on computers, smartphones, tablet PC's etc. These are easy to create with many applications available for computers and smartphones. We can see many created eBooks online hosted on sites.

You can create eBooks easily with word processors and eBooks creating applications. But what if you want to create an eBook online? In that case, you have to read this article. In this article, we are going to list out the best online eBook creators.

eBooks are of different types and mostly used eBook types are PDF eBooks and EPUB eBooks. Use PDF creators and EPUB creators for creating eBooks also.

1) Lulu eBook Creator:

This is a free online eBook creator. This is only an eBook creator and not an eBook editor. So, you have to first create an eBook using best PDF creators or best word processors and then upload that document to this site to create an EPUB book or PDF eBook.

A simple eBook creator for converting your document to a perfect eBook. Try this best eBook creator by visiting lulu.com/create/ebooks.

2) My eBook Maker:

A perfect online eBook creator. This eBook maker lets you to create, edit and download eBook for free. There are no charges and no hassles. Just sign up for an account, start writing content for eBook and download it in EPUB format.

Try this best eBook maker by visiting myebookmaker.com.

3) Papyrus Your Story:

A professional eBook maker for you. This eBook online maker has professional features for creating an eye-catching eBook with perfect book cover. Features eBook editor for editing the book online and lets you to download the created eBook in PDF, EPUB formats and even in Kindle format.

Start creating your first professional eBook at papyrus.yourstory.com.

4) FlipHTML5:

A different type of eBook creator. This service lets you to create an interactive eBook and publish it online. These are flip eBooks which look like an online magazines. Just upload the created document and convert to an interactive eBook using many tools of this eBook maker.

This service is free with limited features. If you want to enjoy more features, you have to upgrade to pro version. Try this interactive eBook creator by visiting fliphtml5.com/online-ebook-creator.php.


These are few best online eBook creators for creating eBooks online. But the best way to create an eBook is by using eBook creating software or by using EPUB eBook creators. EPUB creators are best in terms of professional eBooks or if you want a simple eBook, create a PDF eBook.