3 Best Cookie Managers for Google Chrome Browser

Browser Cookies are simple text files created by websites you visited and stored in your browser. These cookies help the website to identify you and show you relevant information basing on your previous activity on that website. Preferences will be restored, username will be remembered and many more.

Within browser, you have options to manage cookies. But these options are not enough for proper cookie managing. What if you want to export cookies or what if you want to block few cookies? So, to get more cookie managing options, you have to install these few best cookie managers.

We have seen few best cookie managers for Firefox browser. In this article, we are going to list-out few best cookie managers for Google Chrome browser. You can manage cookies on Chrome browser by visiting Chrome setting. But for more features, you should install and use these Chrome cookie managers. Lets see these best Chrome cookie managers,

This is a popular cookie editor for Google Chrome browser. This is a open source extension used by many people around the world and available in many languages. You have many cookie managing options and this single extensions is enough for all your cookie managing.

With this cookie manager, you can delete or edit cookies, protect cookies or block them for a website, search cookies or add new cookies to your browser. The best feature of this cookie manager is the ability to import or export cookies in JSON format.

So, if you want a single best cookie manager for your Chrome browser, install this extension. Try this chrome cookie editor by visiting chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/editthiscookie/fngmhnnpilhplaeedifhccceomclgfbg.

This is also an open source extension which lets you to manage Chrome cookies directly from the Chrome developer tools. It is easy to edit, add or remove cookies though this extension.

As this cookie managers name says, it is an awesome cookie manager for chrome browser. You have few features which you don't see in above cookie managers like searching for cookies by their values and saving cookies to restore them later. All basic features like deleting cookies, adding cookies and others are present in this cookies editor.


Cookie managers are used mostly by developers. In general, there is no need of using cookie managers for normal browsing. Buy if you want, you can try all these Chrome cookie managers and keep the one which suits your preferences.