5 Best Windows Phone Browsers

Now, people are browsing more on smartphones rather than desktops. With desktop like functions of smartphones and well developed browsers for Android, Windows Phone and iOS devices, it became easy to browse on mobile.

We have see few best lightweight browsers for Android devices and now in this article, we are going to list out the best browsers for Windows mobiles. Few of the mobile browsers are supported for Windows 10 Mobile OS too.

Lets see these best Windows Phone browsers,

When it comes to mobile browsing, UC Browser stands out from rest of its competitors. It is one of the best mobile browsers for Android, iOS and Windows mobiles.

It is fast, responsive, has smart downloading features, have customized themes and many more options to get best browsing experience on a Windows Phone. You should try this.

Another best browser after UC Browser for Windows mobiles. Maxthon Browser is also available for Windows PC's. Maxthon Windows desktop browser is included in best non-traditional web browsers for Windows article.

It is fast, has quick access features, favorites, night mode and many more options. Try this browser by visiting microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/maxthon-browser/9wzdncrfj17t.

Technically, this is not a browser but it is a good app to search Google. If you only use Google for all your browsing activity, use this search app. You can also use voice search function to search the web.

One of the best browsers for Windows PC's, Android and iOS devices. This internet browser is also available for Windows Phone users. It features attractive UI, uses less data, easy to navigate and most importantly, it has built-in ad blocker.

This is a simple mobile browser for Windows Phones. Has interesting features like hiding address bar, password protecting favorite, saving web pages for offline browsing etc. If you want to replace stock Windows Phone browser, install this browser.


These are the best web browsers for Windows Phone's. So, try all of these browsers and use the one which you like.