10 Best Online GIF Makers

Its common to see hilarious Facebook comments with funny memes or GIF's. GIF's are very different and are more expressive than images. GIF's are also used as avatars for profiles and sometimes replacement for a video.

So, in this article we are going to list out the best GIF makers. We only listed the best online GIF makers in this article. These online GIF creators list includes Animated GIF makers, Video GIF Makers and GIF Editors.

Lets see these best online GIF creators,


One of the best and mostly used GIF maker. With this GIF creator, you can create animated GIF's from videos from your computer or from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sites. You can make Slideshow GIF's by adding many pictures or images, write captions or subtitles on animated GIF's and you can also add filters and effects with GIF Editor.

An all-in-one GIF maker to make your own GIF. Create a GIF by visiting giphy.com/create/.

2) GIFS.com:

A site completely dedicated to GIF's. It lets you to make many types of GIF's and memes with ease. Using this GIF tool, you can make Deal With it GIF's, memes, GIF's from YouTube videos, Vine videos, Instagram videos and many more. To get more out of GIF's, you can add captions, stickers, add effects etc.

Try this GIF maker by visiting gifs.com.

3) GIFMaker:

A free online animated GIF maker for making animated GIF's, Video GIF's, Frame Animation GIF's and you can also combine many animated GIF's to get a single GIF. You can set the GIF speed, size and add music to the created animated GIF's.

Not only use this free GIF maker to make a GIF, but also use it to split GIF's, resize GIF's and even to optimize the GIF's. Try this GIF maker by visiting gifmaker.me.

4) GIFCreator:

A simple and free online GIF Maker and online GIF editor. With this GIF creator, you can make an animated GIF with photos only. You can upload different image types like JPG, PSD, BMP etc up to 200 frames.

Very simple and easy animated photo GIF creator. Try this GIF maker by visiting gifcreator.me.


A single site with GIF maker, Video to GIF maker, GIF Editor and tools to resize, split, crop and optimize GIF's. You can make a GIF by uploading images and make a video GIF by uploading or entering the URL of the video.

Try this GIF maker by visiting ezgif.com.

6) Make a GIF:

Make a GIF for free or browse GIF's created by many users. You can make animated GIF's, YouTube videos to GIF, video to GIF and Webcam GIF. You can sign up for a free account to host your GIF's.

A GIF maker and hub for GIF lovers. Try this GIF maker by visiting makeagif.com.

7) IMGFlip:

IMGFlip is a famous meme site where people share created memes and GIF's. And this site has a GIF making tool which lets users to create high quality GIF's from YouTube videos or any other videos or from images.

You can share your GIF on the site or with your friends on various social media directly from this GIF maker. Not only GIF's, you can make memes, pie charts etc. This site also has a demotivational poster maker.

Try this GIF creator by visiting imgflip.com/gifgenerator.

8) MemeCenter:

A famous meme sharing and creating site. You can make memes, GIF's with MemeCenter for free. With animated GIF's, you can also make Reaction GIF's from videos, webcam video or from images. Very easy to create and share a GIF.

Try this GIF maker by visiting memecenter.com/gifmaker.

9) Imgur - Video to GIF:

Video to GIF maker from one of the top photo and GIF's sharing site. On imgur, you can see many memes, GIF's and photos shared by many people around the world. And with video to GIF tool, you can create video GIF's for free.

Try this video to GIF maker by visiting imgur.com/vidgif.

10) GifRun:

This simple video GIF maker can make a video GIF's from videos of YouTube, Vine and other video sites. You can also create video GIF's from your Webcam or even with images and videos from your computer. The best feature of this GIF maker is to make a video from animated GIF's.

Try this tool by visiting gifrun.com.


So, these are the best GIF makers to create your own GIF online. Based on options, choose the best GIF maker suited for you.