13 Best Music Players for Windows

Music players are must-have software installed on your Windows PC. These audio players can play local music and few others can search and play online music too. Basically, media players can play both audio and video files. So, you can install only a single player for all of your video and audio files or both a music player and a video player on your Windows PC.

We have see few best music players for Android and Windows Phones. In this article, we are going to list out the best music players for Windows PC's.

1) VLC Media Player:

One of the top media player for computers, tablets PC's and smartphones. A single stop for all of the media content on your device. It can play video files and audio files of many different formats. Its a free media player trusted and used by many people around the world.

This open source cross-platform multimedia player plays most codecs without actual codec packs. You can also add skins, create skins and install extensions to this awesome player.

This player is not only available for Windows PC, but also for android devices, Mac, Windows Phones, Ubuntu, Linux and many more.

Download VLC Media Player by visiting videolan.org/vlc/.

2) GOM Audio:

High quality audio player for Windows from GOM Labs. This Windows MP3 player is supported for computers running Windows XP SP3 and higher Windows OS.

This free audio player can play many audio files and allows you to sync and edit lyrics, you can customize the player with different skins and most importantly it is a lightweight music player for Windows PC's.

GOM Player, a media player from GOM can play both audio and video files. So if you want to install a single player to play both video and audio files, download GOM player at player.gomlab.com.

Or if you want only GOM audio player, download GOM Audio by visiting audio.gomlab.com.

3) 5K Player:

5K Player is a multimedia player and video downloader for Windows and Mac PC's. This player can play music files and video files, can download videos from YouTube and other video streaming services, can stream audio and video from iOS devices to TV and have few other features.

This player can play 5K and 4K videos too. Download this media player by visiting 5kplayer.com.

4) AVS Media Player:

A simple media player for Windows PC's. It can play both video and audio files, you can also view images. Create playlists, search local music, change the

This media player supports many video and audio formats. Download this media player by visiting avs4you.com/AVS-Media-Player.aspx.

5) MusicBee:

A simple audio player for Windows PC's. It can organize the music stored on your computer, can play music from radio stations, supports Groove music and have lot more features for users. You can change skins of the player, sync music with many devices and mainly it enhances the quality of the music with its filters.

Try this music player by downloading from getmusicbee.com/downloads/.

6) Media Player:

This media player by Digital Cloud Technologies Global is one of the best media players available for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 OS PC's. It supports different video file formats, audio file formats, you can search videos in YouTube, SoundCloud directly from the player etc.

This player is only for Windows 8.1 and 10 OS. Install this app by visiting microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/media-player/9wzdncrdtm82.

7) Media Player Lite:

Media Player Lite by Media Mobile Technologies is another best audio player to play music on your Windows 8.1 and 10 OS running PC's. This player supports over 300 audio and video formats. Create playlists, watch videos, search music from YouTube and SoundCloud, set sleep timer and enjoy lot more features while using the player.

This is similar to above listed media player. Install this app by visiting microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/media-player-lite/9wzdncrdm4jk.

8) MediaMonkey:

If you want only a music player, install MediaMonkey. It can play different audio formats, youc an organize your music in different categories, download music from web, record sound, convert music files, burn music file on DVD/CD and lot more.

You can also upgrade to PRO version to enjoy PRO features. Download this MediaMonkey music player from mediamonkey.com.

9) Tomahawk:

A simple music player which lets to listen all of your music at one place. It plays local music, allows you to search music online, you can listen to radio stations, connect with your friends to share playlists or to listen what they are listening at the moment.

Simple player with simple interface. Download this music playing software by visiting tomahawk-player.org.

10) foobar2000:

This free audio player is simple and customizable with different skins. Features tagging options, customizable keyboard shortcuts and you can extend its functions by adding components or add-ons to this player.

Download this free music player by visiting foobar2000.org.

11) Music Mode:

Music Mode is a simple music player for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 OS running systems. A music player with simple interface, features auto-pilot mode, plays different audio files, shows the details of the music and have many features.

This is a lightweight music player for Windows 10 PC's. Install this app by visiting microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/music-mode/9wzdncrdcflx.

12) ALLPlayer:

This multimedia player lets you to listen music and watch videos on your Windows PC. Its a free multimedia player available for Windows OS, Android and iOS devices. You can also listen to internet radio stations too.

Download this audio player by visiting allplayer.org.

13) AIMP:

A simple and lightweight browser for Windows PC's. It can play different audio files and uses less resources. With equalizers and music enhancement options, you can enjoy the best audio output. This player is available for Android and Windows PC's.

Try this lightweight music player by downloading from aimp.ru.


These are the best music players for Windows PC's. All are free versions and few have upgrading options. Want a best music player for Windows PC? Choose any player from the above list.