5 Best Cookie Managers for Firefox

Cookies are text files stored by the browser and are used to track and identify you when you revisit the website. Website analytics use these cookies to track your website activity, Google Adsense use cookies to show you best advertisement etc.

Web cookies allow user to have best experience when they revisit the website. These also help web developers to analyze the behavior of the visitor on the site. Cookies help to store login information, information to auto-fill forms and many more.

But these cookies also break the browsers privacy. As these cookies send your online data to the website, they can be accessed by hackers. So, to protect your privacy, you can manage cookies through below listed cookie managers for Firefox browser.

Lets see these best cookie manager extensions for Firefox.

Best of the best cookie manager extension for Firefox. This extension will let you to add, edit or delete cookies. You can change the domain and cookies storage path, edit multiple cookies at once, import or export cookies, backup or restore cookies and can manage cookies with many more options.

You have to try this extension if you are concerned about cookies. Install this extension by visiting addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cookies-manager-plus/.

This cookie manager extension is best suited for web developers and testers. With this extension, you can add, modify and delete cookies, import or export cookies, remove unwanted cookies from the browser and manage cookies with many other features.

Install this Firefox cookies extension by visiting addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cookie-manager/.

This cookie manager is best suited for users who want to edit and change cookies permissions. You can give temporary permission for the websites to store cookies, see what cookies are stored by a website and this extension also allows you to manage third party cookies.

One of the best cookie managing extension for Firefox users. Try this extension by visiting addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/cookie-monster/.

A simple cookie manager to allow or to prevent to store cookies for the current site. Very easy to add and delete websites which can store cookies. You can change permissions and change privacy settings easily.

Only moto of this extension is to block cookies of all websites. If you want to allow a website to store cookies, just click on the button present next to URL bar. Very simple extension completely for users who want to block cookies of all sites.


These are the best cookie managing extensions for Firefox browser to manage cookies stored on your computer. Install the one which you like.