11 Best Avatar Creators

Avatars are the cool cartoon pictures or cropped images or animation pictures which we see in forums, comments etc. These are made using avatar makers mostly through online avatar creators. With these avatar creators, you can create your own avatar for free and use that picture as your gravatar image.

In this article, we are going to list out the best online avatar creators. Lets see them,

1) Avatar Maker:

A simple avatar creator to create various avatars with different eyes, hair, eyebrows, dress and many more. Very simple to create, just choose the gender, create your avatar and download image to your computer to use for your profiles.

Create many different avatars with simple combinations of face, hair, eyes, nose, mouth etc. If your want to follow current trend of avatar, you should try this avatar making tool.

Try this by visiting avatarmaker.com.

2) Avachara:

You can make full body avatars with this avatar maker. Select gender, choose the type of face you want, choose eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips, hair, dress and many more to get the full body avatar for your profiles.

After completing, click on the button below the created avatar to download. Try this full body avatar creator by visiting avachara.com/avatar/.

3) Hexatar:

Its a free vector avatar creator. If you want to create vector avatars different from all other people, you have to try this tool. Hexator lets you create different male and female vector avatars and lets you to download to your computer.

Like above avatar creators, this avatar maker features faces shapes to choose, eyes, nose, lips, beards, clothes, hats and many more options to get a perfect avatar for your profile.

Its a cool avatar maker and you should try these avatars for your profiles. Make your own avatar by visiting hexatar.com.

4) Cartoonize My Pet:

Cartoonize My Pet is an awesome pet avatar maker for people who love pets. The main goal of this tool is to make your own pet avatars of the pets you own. These pet avatars can be used as profile avatars or to print on goods like iPhone cases, T-Shirts, key-chains etc.

Very different from other avatar creators and best suited for pet lovers. Make your pet avatar by choosing the pet type, pet breed and different animal avatars can be created with this tool.

Love your pet? then you should try this pet avatar creator by visiting cartoonizemypet.com.

5) DoppelMe:

DoppelMe is an amazing dynamic avatar creator which lets you to create full body avatar resembling you or your friends. Create funny looking full body avatars by using this easy to create dynamic avatar maker.

Choose different colors, backgrounds, eyes, eye-wear, costumes, dress and many more. Want a funny avatar, try this free dynamic avatar maker by visiting doppelme.com.

6) Pick a Face:

A complete site dedicated for avatars. Avatar making tool of this site is similar to above listed Avatar Maker tool, but this website lets the registered users to choose an avatar from many different specially crafted avatars. If you are unable to create best avatar, try this avatar making tool.

Be a register member to like other members avatars, comment about the avatar, get printed high resolution picture of your avatar for low price and many other features. Try this avatar generator and maker tool by visiting pickaface.net.

7) Superhero Avatar Creator:

Are you a fan of superheros and want a superhero avatar for your profile? This superhero avatar maker is for you.

This tool is from Marvel itself and lets you to create your own superhero avatar. You can create full body superhero avatar by choosing body type, different face expressions, body Armour and different costumes matching Marvel's superheros Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine etc.

Its very fun to create your own superhero and use them as your profile avatars. Try this superhero avatar creator by visiting marvel.com/games/play/31/create_your_own_superhero.

8) Manga Avatar Maker:

This is a free anime avatar maker for all anime lovers. With this manga avatar maker, you can make beautiful looking girl's avatar or a anime boy or man's avatar. Just select the face, eyes, ear rings for girls, beards for men and many more to make your own anime avatar.

Try this anime avatar creator by visiting manga.com/content/avatar-face-maker.

9) South Park Avatar Maker:

If you are a fan of South Park Animated series, you can use this cartoon avatar maker to create a South Park character avatar. This character avatar maker lets you to choose body colors, face expressions, hair, hats, dress and many more to get a perfect avatar.

You can create South Park Memes and make your own cartoon avatars with best suited backgrounds.

South Park Avatar maker is a full body cartoon avatar maker for South Park animation characters. So, if you love South Park, you'll definitely love this avatar maker. Try this cartoon avatar creator by visiting southpark.cc.com/avatar.

10) Minecraft Avatar Maker:

Are you a lover of Minecraft game? This Minecraft Avatar Maker will help you to make your own Minecraft avatar with its tools. Enter your in-game name or upload a skin to create the Minecraft Avatar.

Try this avatar maker by visiting minecraftskinavatar.com.

11) AvatarMaker:

This free avatar maker lets you to make your own picture avatar. Just upload your picture or any other picture which you want to make an avatar, crop the image, select the size of the avatar and download the final avatar to your computer.

If you want your own image as an avatar, this tool is for you. Try this picture avatar maker by visiting avatarmaker.net.


So, these are the best avatar makers available for free. Choose the type of avatar you want and select the avatar maker to get perfect avatar for your profile.