9 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

You have a built-in alarm clock for the android devices and it works great to set alarms. But if you want to have an alarm clock which does more, go for below listed best alarm clock apps. These alarm apps for android devices have features, customizable themes, custom alarm tones and many more.

Lets see these best android alarm apps,

This is a simple alarm app from Google. You can set alarms, adds timers and also features a stopwatch. Setting an alarm is very simple, it is more like a stock alarm but with neat user interface.

This alarm clock is from one of the famous anti-virus developer, AVG. This smart alarm have features which will force you to get out of the bed like extra large snooze, solving math problems before hitting the dismiss button etc.

With all these features, you also have timer, stopwatch and sleep tracker. This free alarm clock app can also track your sleep. This is an ad version, if you want an ad-free version, have to upgrade to premium version.

This is an interesting alarm clock app for android devices. This apps one feature will force you to wake and get out of the bed instantly. This alarm app have different modes and the best one is the photo mode. For photo mode, you have to take the registered place picture to stop the alarm.

Other modes are simple but photo mode will definitely force you to get out of the bed.

My Alarm Clock have cool features like widgets, app with weather report, night mode and others.

This app clock can be customized into different colors and with night mode feature, you can use your device as bed side clock. Problem in sleeping? Don't worry, Sleep Timer will make you to sleep. Overall a simple alarm android app.

5) AlarmMon:

This alarm is loud, beautiful and fun. You have to set the time for alarm, choose a game and hit save. When alarm goes on, you have to play the game to set it off. You will earn points while playing these game and use those points to play lucky slot and win prizes.

Very interesting and the interface is unique.

A perfect alarm clock for heavy sleepers. This app have many customizable alarm profiles and features to get you out of the bed.

You have to solve the challenges before hitting the dismiss button, notifies you to sleep when your sleep time comes, it can also be used with android wear.

If you are a heavy sleeper, then this is the best alarm for you.

This app from ASUS is more than a clock and alarm. It shows the current time based on your location, lets you to set alarm, has stop watch etc. It has few awesome features like night mode to protect your eyes, ringtone picker, auto snooze option etc.

Simple alarm clock with customizable colors. Its easy to set alarm and change the colors of the alarm. This alarm clock also has stop watch and timer.

Its a beautiful alarm clock with adjustable user interface colors.

The name says it all. It is an ad-free simple alarm clock with beautiful user interface. Simply set alarm and dismiss the alarm when it goes on. If you are not a heavy sleeper, this can be the simple best alarm clock for you.

Try this simple alarm clock by installing from play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.better.alarm.


These are few best alarm clocks for android devices. Give them a try and choose the best alarm app for you.