3 Chrome Extensions for Better Night Browsing Experience

If you browse the web regularly during night times or read online eBooks at night time, then these three chrome extensions may help you to reduce eye-strain. These extensions will invert the colors of the page and give you the best output for less eye-strain.

So, if you browse or read online eBooks or watch videos at night using Google chrome browser, you must install these Chrome extensions.

Lets see these Chrome extensions,

Do you watch videos during night time on your Chrome browser? If you watch, I recommend you to install this extension.

This extension will dim the content other than the video you are watching for distraction-free video watching experience. This will also reduce the stress of eye while watching.

Also has night-mode for night browsing. Has other amazing features for best night browsing experience.

Name says it all. It converts the light color of the webpages to dark color for better reading and viewing experience at night.

Changes the colors of the webpage, reduces eye-stress with adjustable brightness, contrast, grayscale and with other settings.

This extension will let you to change the mode of the browser, either to night mode or to Reseda mode.

Other than those modes, you can also keep custom colors for the webpage, custom font size for better reading during day-time as well as in night-time browsing.


So, these are few Google Chrome extensions to have the best night browsing experience. Browse the web or watch online videos without any eye-stress or headaches at night with these extensions.

Browse for more hours with ease.