6 Best Ways to Clear Your 'What Song is This' Moments

There may be moments where you liked the music or lyrics of a song but don't know the name of that song. Then a question arises in our mind 'What is that Song I Listened to?'. So, if you face that type of situation anytime from now on, you can use these best sources to find 'What Song is This' questions.

You can find the name of the song by just humming a part of lyrics, or through searching the song's lyrics. Lets see the best ways to find 'What Song is This' question,

1) Google Web Search:

One the best way to find a song using lyrics. If you know a single line of the lyrics, you can use Google web search to find the song name.

This requires lot of search. Sometimes its easy to find and sometimes its difficult, but you will find the song name. Google Search offers many languages and also the best web search in the world.

Offers search in many languages, like you can search the song by typing in a different language other than English.

So, the first place to search song name is Google Web Search, google.com.

2) Shazam:

One of the best music identifier app. With this app, you can identify music easily from your smartphone or Tablet PC. Just hum the lyric of the song or let Shazam listen to the song playing nearby.

The best feature of this Shazam app is to identify songs in offline mode. Means, it listens to songs and stores them in the app and identifies the song when you connect the device to internet.

You can find song lyrics, song videos and you can directly listen to them on Shazam app. Shazam website is an online music identifier where you can search the song by typing a part of the song lyrics.

Shazam apps are available for different platforms even for Mac and Windows PC.

Find more information about this app by visiting shazam.com.

3) SoundHound:

One of the best app which every music lover should use. This is another app to clarify what is this song moments.

This music recognition app listens to song playing near you, identifies the song and lets you to listen to that song with lyrics in the app. You can share the song, listen that song's video online with lyrics and you can see other information related to that song. All in one place.

You can also see and listen to top charts, sync with different devices even android smartwatches etc. Other feature to consider is its hands free navigation and using. You can search, play music without touching you device.

This app is available for Windows Phone, Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Visit soundhound.com/soundhound for more info.

4) Musixmatch:

Another best service and app to know the name of the song. Don't know the song or want the name of the song playing nearby? Use Musixmatch.

Musixmatch service is available for Android and iOS. See the lyrics of the song playing in your device with translations.

You can also find the name of the a song on their website by typing a part or a line of the song.

For more information, visit musixmatch.com.

5) midomi:

Want to find the name of the song online? Use this website to find the song name. You will see a button at the top which asks you to sing or hum the song for identification.

This online service lets you to find the name of the song that you are trying to find online.

For more information, visit midomi.com.

6) WatZatSong:

This is completely different from above listed sites and apps. If you haven't found the song after using the above listed services, come to this site and post the audio sample on this website.

People will listen to that audio sample and may help you with the answer. For posting audio, please visit watzatsong.com.


These are the best and most used music identifying apps and services. So, clear your 'What is this Song' moments easily.