7 Best Non-Traditional Web Browsers for Windows

Whenever we talk about web browsers the common browsers names pop up in our mind are Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and latest Microsoft Edge browsers. But we also have other best browsers which you may not tried till now.

So, in this article, I'm going to list out few other web browsers for Windows to try.

Lets see these best non-traditional web browsers for Windows,

1) UC Browser:

UC Browser is a famous browser for smartphones and Tablets. And this web browser is also available for Windows PC's.

It looks and feels similar to Google Chrome browser, but with its awesome features like Wi-Fi hotspot, download manager etc., you should try this browser.

Visit pc.ucweb.com for more info.

2) Maxthon Browser:

Maxthon Cloud Browser is an amazing cloud based browser which every one should try. This browser is available for different operating systems including Linux and Kindle Fire tablets OS.

This browser is filled with features like HTML5 support, Cloud Sync, Fast browsing experience in low internet speeds, browser extensions and mainly security and privacy options.

Take a look at this amazing browser at maxthon.com.

Browsers for Windows

3) VIVALDI Browser:

Another modern browser filled with features. This browser is available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux operating systems.

You can enjoy fast browsing in internet speeds, you can customize the browser in many ways like customizing the tab bar position, using themes, use quick commands for productivity and many more.

For quick notes, you have a quick note panel to write down right away and another best feature of this browser is its Tab Stacking and Tab Tiling feature. With this features, you can group multiple tabs into one and see multiple tabs side by side.

Try this browser by downloading from vivaldi.com.

4) SlimBrowser:

A fast browser in terms of speed if you have decent internet speeds. It is an open source browser available for Windows PC's.

This browser features an Ultra-Fast download manager, in-built ad blocker, pop-up blocker, weather forecast and others. This browser got many awards and users trust.

Try this browser by downloading from slimbrowser.net.

5) Dragon Internet Browser:

This internet browser is from COMODO, a web and security solutions company. It is the creator of one of the best free antivirus for Windows.

Dragon Internet Browser is one of the amazing products of COMODO. This browser is based on Chromium project with security as first preference.

Try this browser by downloading from comodo.com/home/browsers-toolbars/browser.php.

6) Waterfox Browser:

This 64-bit fast web browser is based on Mozilla's free and open source platform. A fast browser with neat deigned interface available for Windows and Mac PC's.

You will get the best browsing experience, security and privacy options through this browser.

Try this browser by downloading from waterfoxproject.org.

7) Polarity Browser:

A fast, secure and stable browser for Windows and android devices. This browser uses less RAM and CPU power while browsing.

An efficient browser with customizable options, built-in adblock and Do Not Track privacy feature.

Know more information by visiting polarityweb.weebly.com.


So, These are few best browsers you should try on your Windows PC.