6 Best Instagram Video Downloaders

We have seen the best YouTube downloaders for Android devices and also the best online music downloaders. In this article, I'm going to list out the best Instagram video downloaders to download Instagram videos.

Instagram videos are short and sweet. Sometimes you may want to download them to your hard drive or mobile. So, to help you with those situations, use any of one of these best Instagram video online downloaders which are used by many people.

These are free to use and are best out of many services out there.

Lets see the best Instagram video downloaders,

1) SaveDeo:

Very famous and widely used video online downloader. Neatly designed site with simple downloading process.

It can also be used to download videos from various sources like Twitch, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube and other.

Try this service to download videos by visiting savedeo.com.

2) DreDown:

Another service just like the above one. It's a neatly designed site and lets you to download videos from many sources.

This service can be used to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, VK and others.

Try this service by visiting dredown.com.

Instagram Video Downloaders

3) GramDown:

Another simple and good service to download Instagram videos.

This service can download video from Keek, Vevo, Rutube and from other common sources. Very simple to download videos.

Try this service by visiting gramdown.com.

4) TubeOffline:

This service is different from above mentioned services. With this service, you can get high, normal or low quality Instagram videos with different video formats.

If you want Instagram videos other than MP4 format, use this service to download videos.

Visit tubeoffline.com/download-instagram-videos.php to download Instagram videos.

5) DownloadGram:

A single page to download both Instagram photos and Instagram videos. Just enter the URL of the Instagram photo or video and click on 'Download' button. That's it! You will get the photo or video link to download.

Try this service by visiting downloadgram.com.

6) Zasasa:

A simple Instagram video downloader to download Instagram photos or videos. The other cool feature of this service is its ASCII art.

If you download a photo, you can see its ASCII art in text and color format.

Try this service by visiting zasasa.com/en/download_instagram_videos_or_photos.php.


These are few best online services to download Instagram videos to your drive. You can also find other service but these are trusted and mostly used services by people around the world.