4 Best GBA Emulators for Mac

We have the best GBA emulators list for Windows PC and also for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Now we will see the best GBA emulators for Mac. With these emulators, you can play GBA games on your Mac. Listed emulators in this article are the best and most trusted emulators by many people.

Few of the best Game Boy Advance emulators for Windows are also the best for Mac.

So, lets see these best Mac GBA emulators,

1) VBA-M:

The first of this list is VBA-M emulator for Mac. This is the best and advanced version of the famous VisualBoyAdvance (VBA).

VBA emulator development was discontinued in 2004. But because of its popularity and usage, this project was forked into many other projects of VBA.

All these forked VBA's were merged into one core project and that is VBA-M. This Mac GBA emulator will have updates and fixes frequently.

The installation of this emulator on Mac can be a lengthy process sometimes. Usually, when the Mac OS is updated. This is only sometimes and not always.

Visit vba-m.com for more info.

2) mGBA:

Very simple, fast, accurate and latest GBA emulator for GBA lovers. The process of opening and playing GBA games is very easy.

Simple options with full screen mode.

Know more about this Mac Game Boy Advance emulator at mgba.io.

3) VisualBoyAdvance:

A popular GBA emulator for Windows and Mac. This emulator is still used right now but it is not latest and you will not get any support regarding this emulator.

This is also a perfect and stable GBA emulator for Mac but if you have any problems with this free GBA emulator, go for VBA-M or mGBA.

Download this emulator by visiting sourceforge.net/projects/vba/.

4) OpenEmu:

A single emulator for many types of game consoles. We can say that its a mixture of many emulators and a single stop for all of your console games.

You can enjoy well organized games library, gameplay settings, neat looking interface and many more.

If you play different console games on your Mac, go for this emulator. OpenEmu uses mGBA and VBA-M as it sources for GBA emulator.

Visit openemu.org for more info.


So, mGBA and VBA-M are best of the best free Mac GBA emulators. If you play different console games, go for OpenEmu. OpenEmu may get frequent updates unlike other GBA emulators.

So choose a Mac emulator in this list and a best Game Boy Advance games from this LIST to play GBA games on your Mac.