9 Best Free Facebook Analytics Tools

Measuring your Facebook page audience is a very good step to know the content which is getting more likes, shares, comments or views and to increase your brand. So, to measure the performance of a Facebook page, use these free analytic tools listed below.

Few tools can also be used to measure Twitter and other social media profiles. Let's see these free Facebook Analytics tools,

1) Facebook Insights:

A complete Facebook page analytics tool from Facebook itself. This tool is an option in Facebook page's menu.

You can find this 'Insights' option at the top menu bar. You can have many free reports like shares reports, likes reports, page views, actions on page and many more.

So, check your Facebook page's analytics by visiting your page's insights.

2) Sociograph:

A free Facebook analytics tool which uses Facebook Graph API to give the insights of the page. With this tool, you can get post likes, shares, comments reports with other post related insights.

You can also get analytics of Facebook Groups.

Find more info at sociograph.io.

3) Agora Pulse:

Find a set of free analytic tools for Facebook pages, Twitter and a free contest tool for Facebook.

With Facebook metrics, you can see how fans are engaging with shared content and also know reports for free. You can also run a contest and choose a winner without any difficulties.

Find more info at agorapulse.com/free-social-media-marketing-tools.

4) Cyfe:

A single dashboard for all your measurements and analytics. Not only Facebook Pages and groups but also other social media analytics, web analytics, Finance management, Client management and many more more at a single place. All for free for basic users.

For Facebook page analytics, you will get content clicks, views, likes and other metrics at one place. See demographics, top countries and many more.

All metrics can be seen on a single dashboard. So, if you have a website, Google Adsense earnings, Adwords, use this one platform to get all the data.

Find more info at cyfe.com.

5) Komfo:

You will get analytics report for the posts you shared in the page with spam score.

This free Facebook analytics can show you the post reach, click through rate and other Komfo's metrics like Fan Penetration, Viral Amplification, Spam score etc.

For more info, please visit freeanalytics.komfo.com.

6) Simply Measured:

This service offers many free analytic tools for different social media's.

For Facebook, you have Facebook Page analysis, Facebook content analysis, Facebook Competitive analysis. You can also measure Twitter Followers, Instagram engagement reports, Google Plus page analysis and others.

You will get in-depth analysis for free.

Know more by visiting simplymeasured.com/free-social-media-tools.

7) Likealyzer:

A free Facebook page analytics with recommendations and page performance.

After analyzing the page, it will give few suggestions to improve the page. You will get other performance metrics and posts engagement reports.

Run a free Facebook page analysis report by visiting likealyzer.com.

8) Wiselytics:

A Facebook and Twitter analytics tool available for free. This free version have some limitations but this tool is enough for most of the websites and Facebook page users.

Get reached fans reports, content engagement reports and other key reports to see how your fans are engaging with the content.

Know more by visiting wiselytics.com.

9) Grytics:

This is a Facebook group analytics tool. With this free analytics, you can get analytics reports of Facebook groups with 7 days of history.

Get reports for four groups for free and for higher number of groups, you have to buy a plan.

Know more by visiting grytics.com.


So, these are few best free analytics tools for measuring Facebook pages. Try each of the tool and choose the best for you.