2 Best Chrome Extensions to Invite All Facebook Friends at a Time

If you created a new Facebook page or created an event, you can invite your Facebook friends to attend that event or invite them to like the newly created page. But you can only invite the Facebook friends one at a time by manually clicking on the 'Invite' button. It is a time consuming process to invite a single friend at a time.

So, to make this process easy, we have chrome extensions to invite many Facebook friends at once.

Lets see these best invite all Facebook friends chrome extensions,

1) Invite All Friends on Facebook:

The best of the best Chrome extension to invite all Facebook friends at a time. It can select all of your friends and send invites with a single click.

Install this extension, visit your Facebook page or your created event, select 'Invite Friends' option and click on the tick mark seen inside URL bar to select all the friends at a time.

Try this chrome extension by visiting chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/invite-all-friends-on-fac/inmmhkeajgflmokoaaoadgkhhmibjbpj.

Invite all Facebook Friends Chrome Extensions

2) Invite All (for Facebook):

This extension also works similar to above extension. Install this extension, visit your Facebook page or Event, select invite friends options and click on the 'i' option which can be see at the right side of the URL bar to select all the friends at a time.

Visit chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/invite-all-for-facebook/eopekjehpibhfpjjcokfmhcaeiclddih to install the extension.


So, these two are the best of the best to invite all the Facebook friends at once. It saves lot of time and work.

It is advised to send invites to less than 500 Facebook friends at a time cause Facebook limited the invites to 500 invites per event. Please read at facebook.com/help/202545109787461.