2 Best Windows Mobile Tracking Apps

There should be a way to track a lost Windows mobile. We can find many tracker apps for iOS and Android devices, but its very difficult to find mobile tracking apps for Windows devices.

But a single best tracker is enough for us to use for our Windows smartphones. In this article, I'm going to list out the best Windows tracking apps. These are very limited but are best from others.

Lets see these phone tracking apps,

1) Phone Tracker:

The best Windows mobile tracking app used by most of the Windows Phone users. It does not give exact location of a mobile in real-track but it logs the location of the mobile for every 30-minutes.

You can set the tracking period according to your needs and the app will record the mobile's location based on GPS.

You can backup recorded location tracking to SkyDrive automatically or manually. Well, it is not real-time tracking but a good tracker app for Windows laptop or mobile.

It is free and an ad-free.

Visit microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/phone-tracker/9wzdncrfj1nb to download and install.

2) GPS Tracker by FollowMee:

The best real-time tracker for Windows mobiles and PC's. This app tracks the location and automatically  upload the records on to server.

You can monitor the location of the mobile or PC at FollowMee website. A single account is enough to track many Windows devices.

It also has some cool features like Geo-Fencing feature which notifies you when the mobile exists or enters a listed location and Opt-in Sharing, to share the location data with others.

Visit microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps/gps-tracker-by-followmee/9wzdncrfhxdj to download and start tracking the lost windows mobile.


These two trackers are enough to track your children or lost Windows mobile. These apps also support Windows 10 OS, so you can track your Windows laptop or tablet PC easily.