4 Best Skype Call Recorders for Windows

There are few moments where you want to record the Skype calls. Many of the people take pictures of the Skype video calls to store, but you can also record the voice call or video call for free.

In this post, I'm going to list few the best and free Skype call recorders. These can be used to record the calls whenever you have a Skype call.

Let's see these best Skype call recorders,

1) Free Video Call Recorder for Skype:

A free Skype video call recorder for Windows. It has no limits and you can record and enjoy different features for free.

This is also the first free Skype video call recorder without any limitations. You can record only video in the video calls or only audio or complete video call with audio.

Visit dvdvideosoft.com/products/dvd/Free-Video-Call-Recorder-for-Skype.htm to download and to know more info.

2) Amolto Call Recorder:

This software is available in free and paid versions. Paid is complete with awesome features but free version is very limited and you can only record audio not a video.

Supports only for basic Skype for Windows. Automatically starts recording voice call without any limits.

Visit amolto.com/skype-recorder/ for more info.

3) VOIP Call Recording:

This is also a free software which helps you to record audio Skype calls. No limits for private and non-commercial use.

You can also record Skype conference calls.

Visit voipcallrecording.com to know more.

4) Skype Auto Recorder:

A project in Open Source hosting platform 'CodePlex'.

It records voice in Skype voice or video calls without any limitations. It supports both basic and corporate Skype versions.

Has advanced configurations, records voice in various qualities, auto-starts on Windows and has many more features.

Download or know more information by visiting skypeautorecorder.codeplex.com.


Well, you got only one best free without any limitation Skype call recorder for video and audio. Other listed software's have limitations or records only audio calls.

So, choose the first option for all your calls.