4 Best Services to Send Self-Destructing Emails

There may be few instances where you have to send confidential email to your fellow business members. As technology has advanced, now people are using private chat messengers to send confidential data.

But what if you want to send an email? and How to send a self-destructing email? We can use few service to send a self-destructing email or a note. Actually, the sent email will be there in inbox, but the content will be gone.

In this article, I'm going to list out the best services which we can use to send self-destructing emails to others. You can use any email services like Gmail, Outlook or any other.

Lets see the way to send self-destructing emails,

Its a Google Chrome browser extension which lets you to send a self-destructing email directly from Gmail.

After installing this extension, you will find a 'Snapmail' button next to 'Send' button while composing an email. If you click on 'Snapmail' button, an email will be sent with a Snapmail link. That link has your text and will be gone after certain time.

This service is only for Gmail and available only for Google Chrome browser.

Visit snapmail.co for more info.

If you want a better and trusted service to send encrypted mails or to have confidential chats, use this service.

GhostMail works on any email service but it costs you money.

Visit ghostmail.com for more info.

This is one of the most trusted service to send self-destructing emails or notes. Just write the note, get an encrypted note link and email that link.

When the recipient reads the note, it will self-destruct after some time.

This service can also be used to write notes in other languages.

Visit privnote.com to use this note now.

This is a free online tool to send messages and files securely over web. Create a Key ID and send all the messages or files to that Key ID which will be store on the cloud.

And you can also send self-destructive messages as an email and will be destroyed after reading.

This is a project at GitHub.

Visit cryptabyte.com/SelfDestruct to send an self-destructing email now.


So, these are the best and trusted services to send a self-destructing emails to people. If you use Gmail, go for Snapmail.