4 Best Places to Find Clock Widgets for Websites

Few website owners want to show time on their website or blog and few sites needs a clock. So, to place a web clock on your site, you need a best clock widget with neat design and of different watch types like analog or digital clock widgets.

Below, we have listed few best places to find clock widgets for blogs or websites. These widgets are enough to choose because many are available in different, simple and neat skins.

Lets see these best places to find free web clock widgets,

1) LocalTimes:

One of the best site to find simple and neat clock widgets for websites. This site have analog clock widgets, digital clock widgets and world clock widgets.

Choose a skin in either analog or digital and place it on your website by copying the code. Very neatly designed clock skins.

Visit localtimes.info/getwidget/ to find the best time widget for your site.

2) Xorbin Clock Generator:

If you are a fan of analog type watches and want an analog watch widget for your site, this site is for you. Use this sites clock generator to generate a free watch widget using many watch skins and colors.

You can generate a watch widget for website using a custom clock skin, different colors of the arrows, different time zones and many more.

Try this analog clock widget generator by visiting xorbin.com/tools/analog-flash-clock-generator.

3) Zeitverschiebung:

This site has a single but neat clock widget for blogs or sites. Choose a time zone or location, copy the code and paste it on your site.

It shows the time location, time and date. Very simple clock skin. This is a digital watch widget.

Visit zeitverschiebung.net/en/clock-widget to use this widget.

4) ClockTAG:

This site is filled with analog web clocks, digital web clocks, time and date web clocks. Choose the type of clock widget you want on your site, copy the code and paste it on your site.

Many clock skins are available to choose.

Visit clocktag.com for more info.


These are the places to find the best web clock for your site. You can find other websites too but these are best and neat.

Choose the clock and place it on your site.