3 Best Online Emoji Creators

Emoji's are the best alternatives for messages in any messengers even in text messages. Simply send an emoticon rather than long message. We have wide variety of emoticons and with many emoji apps for android and iOS, it became more easy for the users to find the best emoji for the situation.

What if you want to create your own emoji or emoticon? There are apps which will let you to make your own emoji or personal avatars. You can also find few online tools to create emoji's or emoticons.

Easy process to find and use many different kinds of emoji's is to download and install emoji keyboard apps for devices.

In this article, I'm going to list out the best online tools which lets you to make your own emoji.

Lets see these best online emoji creating tools,

1) PiZap Emoji Maker:

The best of the best emoji creator. This tool will let you to make your own emoticon with the help of many emoji bodies and face stickers. You can also add text to the created emoji's.

Simply, select the emoji body shape and select a face sticker to get your own emoji. You can download the image on to your computer or smartphone.

Visit pizap.com/emoji_maker to start creating custom emoji's.

2) MyPetEmoji:

MyPetEmoji is a pet emoji creator. With this online emoji tool, you can create dog emoji's or cat emoji's. Have many expressions to use on the dog or a cat emoji.

We can create large pet emoji's that can be download on to the computer or smartphone. These emojis can be used in social media posts or in messengers or any other emoji suitable places.

If you are a dog or cat lover, you must check this tool immediately.

Visit mypetmoji.com to create a dog emoji or a cat emoji.


A free animated emoticon generating tool. This emoticon generator can be used to create image emoticons by uploading images.

Upload the image, crop it, add animation and download. That's it! Very easy to create. You can also browse and download many emoticons created by users.

Best suited to make animated avatars.

For more info, visit emotiyou.com.


These are best online tools to create online emoji's. There are ways to add custom emoji's to instant messengers. Or you have to upload and send created emoji as an image.

You can also use Emoji keyboards to replace the standard keyboards in Android, Windows or iOS platforms. They will have many number of unique emoticons which can be used in messengers directly from the keyboard.