3 Best Emoji Keyboard Apps for iOS

Emoji's are like a language while texting. They are easy and best alternatives of long boring messages. Send an emoji suitable for the message received or typed and send it. Very easy and time saving.

To express happiness, sadness or to say that you are laughing, cooking, reading or any other, just send an emoji. You can also create your own emoji online with the help of online tools.

Now, what are Emoji keyboards for iOS? These keyboards are mainly focused on emoji's and these keyboard will updated with new emoji's whenever possible.

These keyboards will replace the stock iOS keyboard on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Keyboard apps for iOS will also have amazing features which a normal stock keyboard doesn't have.

So, in this article, i'm going to list out few best Emoji keyboards for iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Lets see these best Emoji Keyboard apps for iOS,

1) EmojiXpress:

Widely popular emoji keyboard for iOS. It features many emoji's in different categories.

You can send emoji's and stickers from this EmojiXpress keyboard for iOS. This app for iOS features big emoji's, regular emoji's, animated emoji's and have multiple emoji keyboard themes.

Best iOS emoji app for emoji lovers using iPhone or iPad.

Download and install app by visiting itunes.apple.com/us/app/emoji/id506460513.

2) Swiftmoji:

An advanced emoji keyboard app, Swiftmoji. This is an emoji keyboard app from makers of world's most popular keyboard app, SwiftKey.

Completely filled with emoji's and also has an unique feature which will be loved by all emoji users and that is emoji prediction feature.

This keyboard can predict the right emoji for the message received or message type. Discover and use different emoji's easily.

At the time writing this article, this keyboard supports only English language.

For more info of this keyboard, please visit swiftmoji.com.

3) Emoji Keybaord for ME:

Another smart emoticon keyboard for iOS. This emoji keyboard have many emoji's and stickers organized in different categories for fast navigation.

With many new emoji's, you will also have cool and fancy fonts, smart tool that spells words with emoticon. Also has some other features like Smart Word Prediction feature, Auto-correction feature etc.

To know more about this emoji iOS keyboard, please visit itunes.apple.com/us/app/emoji-keyboard-for-me-free/id749094885.


These are the best and most trusted emoji keyboards for iOS devices used by many people. So, select and install the an emoji keyboard of your choice.