4 Best Virtual WiFi Routers for Windows

Your windows PC can be Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to internet virtually. You can turn-on virtual Wi-Fi on your Windows PC by following through this WikiHow Tutorial. If you don't want to go through all those technical stuff and want even more features, then you should go for any one of the below hotspot software's.

These are free and are for Windows PC's.

Lets see the best virtual WiFi routers for Windows,

1) Virtual Router - Codeplex:

By far this is the best virtual WiFi hotspot for windows PC's.

It is a free software with no advertisements.

Download this free software by visiting virtualrouter.codeplex.com.

2) MyPublicWiFi:

Turn your windows PC into Wi-Fi Access Point with URL Tracking and Firewall.

A free software which can be used on Windows 10 devices.

You can track and record visited pages by others.

Download for free by visiting mypublicwifi.com/publicwifi/en/index.html.

3) Connectify:

A virtual hotspot application with many features.

It is available for free but with paid version, you can enjoy many features like sharing 3G or 4G internet, Wi-Fi repeater and many more.

Visit connectify.me to download free version.

4) Free Virtual WiFi Router:

Turn your Windows PC into a secure WiFi Access Point and connect android devices, iOS devices or any other WiFi enabled device.

Fast and reliable virtual WiFi router for windows laptops of PC's.

Visit virtual-wifi-router.com/index.php to download it for free.


These are the best and most used virtual WiFi router software's for Windows.