5 Best Sticky Notes Extensions for Chrome

Sticky notes are very useful to note down the to-do lists on your desktop. Written sticky note will always there on your screen and will be the best sources to note and check what you want to do next on your computer.

We may find many sticky notes apps and chrome extensions, but here, we have listed few of the best sticky notes extensions for Google Chrome.

Let's see these sticky notes extensions,

1) Sticky Notes:

This Sticky Notes Chrome extension lets you write sticky notes even with your voice. This extension supports speech recognition, so just dictate to it and it writes for you.

You can also synchronize notes with Google Drive, share the notes online, choose note font or color, easy to close and open, and most importantly, it works even in offline.

One of the best online and offline sticky notes for your desktop.

Visit chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sticky-notes/nbjdhgkkhefpifbifjiflpaajchdkhpg?hl=en to add to your chrome browser.

2) Sticky Notes - Just popped up!:

This sticky notes extension is best to take notes when you are reading or watching an important lecture something in your chrome browser.

With its 'Always-on-Top' feature, this note will always on top of the browser windows making your note making fast and easy. A single sticky note for writing all of your stuff.

Very simple sticky notes liked by most of the users.

Get this extension by visiting chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/sticky-notes-just-popped/plpdjbappofmfbgdmhoaabefbobddchk.

3) Note Board:

A board full of sticky notes. Write a sticky note and pin it to the board, copy the content from the web page and paste it to a new sticky note.

Schedule sticky note reminders, use even in offline, select various colors of the notes, also cloud sync notes and many more features to consider.

Take a look by visiting chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/note-board/goficmpcgcnombioohjcgdhbaloknabb.

4) Note Anywhere:

This is sticky note extension is different from all. It is for webpages, not for the desktop.

When you create a sticky note on a webpage, it will pop-up whenever you open that webpage again.

Has many interesting features like having the date and time stamp on the note, viewing counts for the notes, different note colors etc. You can also make note summary if you have many categorized notes for the web page.

Visit chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/note-anywhere/bohahkiiknkelflnjjlipnaeapefmjbh for more info.

5) Whenever Sticky Notes:

Are you waiting for something and counting down the date? This countdown sticky note can be useful for you.

Create a new sticky note of different colors on your desktop The text in the notes are adaptive to size of the note. It runs offline too.

Visit chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/whenever-sticky-notes-wit/nfbcejefjldiddbganfjdlmgiafffhpd?hl=en to start countdown for your big day.


These are few best sticky note extensions for Google Chrome. Each have their own feature and based on your requirement choose any of the above sticky notes.