9 Best Places to Find Free Images to Use on Blogs

It is good to use images in a blog post or on websites to increase image traffic. But we  have to be careful about the images we use on our sites. Many people don't know anything about image licenses. They just search for an image on Google and use it on their website.

That will lead to legal issues.

Then which images I have to use on my blog? You can buy stock images from stock photo sites or use Public Domain or few Creative common licensed images.

What are Public Domain or Creative Common Licenses? Basically these are copyleft images and licensed to use on own's purpose images.

They are free, no watermark on images you have to just credit to the owner for the usage of the image.

Photo by Anton Repponen via Unsplash

Did you like the above picture? Its a high-definition image which is license-free image from Unsplash.

Just you have to credit for the photo and for Public Domain images, its not even necessary to credit for the pic.

For all image license information, please visit en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creative_Commons_license.

Now, we will see the list of best places to find free images for the blog or website,

The best of the best place to find images to a blog.

The pictures available on Wikimedia Commons are free to use. The images are basically of Public Domain or Creative Commons licensed images which can be used on blogs.

Just you have give credits to the picture.

Visit commons.wikimedia.org and search for an image in Multimedia section to find the best image for your blog post.

2) Flickr:

An amazing photo sharing and storing site from Yahoo.

You can find all types of licensed images uploaded by users.

Basing on the image license, you can use them on your website.

Visit flickr.com/creativecommons/ to search for different kinds of licensed images or visit flickr.com, search for an image and choose the license type from top-left corner.

If you searched for an image on Google to use it on your website then you may have legal problem.

But what if you want to find a free image from Google without facing any trouble?

For that, you have to choose some settings.

Visit google.com/imghp and search for an image.

After searching, click on 'Search Tools' option and then on 'Usage Rights' to search for a specific licensed images.

You have to choose, 'Labeled for Non-Commercial Reuse' option to use on your website.

Another popular search engine like Google.

Use 'Bing Images' to search for free images to use on your website.

Similar to Google Images. You have to search for the image and choose the license from top bar.

Visit bing.com/images/ and search for an image, choose the license you want.

5) Pixabay:

Completely free and High-Definition images from Pixabay.

They are free to modify, distribute and to use for non-commercial purpose like using on earnings blogs or websites.

Just search for the image, download for free and use it in your web post.

Visit pixabay.com to search for free high-definition images.

Search from millions of free copyrighted high-definition images on Photopin.

Complete useful image source specifically for bloggers.

Visit photopin.com to search and download free images.

7) 500px:

A premier photography community filled with the best photographers of the world.

And you can find free images to use on your blog from these best photographers.

But be-careful about the licenses of the images, as there are many types of licensed images from 500px.

Simply visit 500px.com or 500px.com/creativecommons to search for specific licensed images.

8) Pexels:

A site similar to Pixabay and Photopin.

All images offered from this site are free to use for any purpose and most importantly, all images are High-Definition.

New 50 High quality images are uploaded daily.

Search for an image, download and use on your blog or website post.

Visit pexels.com to search for an image.

You can find ultra HD images which are free to use.

Its a small site but filled with the best free HD images uploaded by users.

Ten new photos for every ten days.

Visit unsplash.com to use an image as a wallpaper or as a backgrounf image or as an blog post image.


Above are the best websites to find images for free. But here is the list from Wikipedia which contains many more Copyleft and free image sites available on web.


The best places to find the copyleft images to use on your blog or website.

You can also find places to buy an image, but  it is not necessary. Most important thing is to know the image licenses before using them on your blog.