3 Best Online CSV File Splitters

What if you have a large CSV (Comma Separated Values) file? Either you have to search the long list or split this large file into small limited lines files. So, if you want to cut the large CSV file into small pieces, use these free online CSV splitters.

Lets see the best CSV splitters online,

1) Merchandise.co.uk - CSV Splitter:

Split large CSV files for free.

Very simple to use, just drag and drop the file and choose the number of CSV files it has to be divided.

Splitted CSV files will also have header i.e. first line for all files.

Try this tool by visiting merchandise.co.uk/csv-splitter.

2) SplitFile - Vavro:

An online CSV and text splitting tool available for free.

Split large text or CSV files into many small files with limited lines in a file.

Use this tool by visiting splitfile.vavro.me.

3) Text File Splitter:

Another awesome text splitting tool to cut large text files into small numbered files.

This tool can split text files, CSV files, .log files and many more with extra-large file size of 300 MB.

Visit textfilesplitter.com to use this text file splitter.


These are the best with simple and easy process of splitting files.

 Choose anyone of the above and make your work easy.