5 Best Free Website Analytics

Setting up an analytics account for your new website is one of the main things to do along with submitting your site to search engines. These accounts will let you to see the number of visitors, behavior of these visitors, country and many more.

These analytics have many features we can use to measure and set up a goal for your website. We have many paid analytics which can do more work than a free web analytics.

For startups to medium business and also for big websites, these free website analytics are enough. Don't underestimate these analytics as they are free, even though they are free, they are well used and trusted by many webmasters about their website visitor tracking.

Lets see these free web analytics,

The first analytics of all or most of the websites and blogs. Google Analytics is from the Google itself and completely free.

Measures accurately and has many features as you have to study the analytics guide. Very easy to sign up for a free account and very easy to add code to your site.

Visit analytics.google.com to sign up for the free Analytics account for your site.

Another analytics software from another great and top Russian search engine 'Yandex'. This is also a free web analytics with many features and options to measure and see their behavior on your site.

I once used this analytics software and was satisfied with their tracking. Many of the webmasters don't use Yandex.Metrica web analytics and don't know about it.

You can give it a try by visiting https://metrica.yandex.com.

3) Clicky:

One of the best real-time tracking of your website visitors available for free. You can monitor and analyze your web traffic and view every details of their engagement with your site.

This is the best web analytics to stop bot or referrer traffic spam. It can block all referrer spam traffic showing in your analytics dashboard.

Another best feature is availability of heatmaps for your site. Heatmaps are used to see where most of the visitors are clicking or viewing. Use these heat maps to place adsense ads or any other ads. But this feature requires paid subscription.

And with many other features, it is one of the best web analytics software as both free and paid.
Give it a try by visiting clicky.com.


An open-source web analytics program which is 100% free with 100% data ownership.

This software features free and paid version. Paid is basically for cloud hosting, if you wish to use it free, you can host this software on your own.

This open analytics platform is free for all which is licensed under GPL. Very easy to install on your server with their installation guide found at piwik.org/docs. It integrated with over 65 technologies and you can see the list by visiting piwik.org/integrate.

Visit piwik.org/features to see the feature you will enjoy by using this software. You can also use Android app or iOS app to see website tracking on your smart device.

For quick download, visit piwik.org/download and download it for free.

Another best real-time tracking of your website visitors. This is completely free analytics which can be used on many platforms, have a look by visiting statcounter.com/install-guides.

Very easy to set up and install code. If you want, you can show real-time analytics on your site to your visitors.

Not only real-time visitors tracking, it can track paid visitors too. You can have a look at StatCounter dashboard demo by visiting statcounter.com/demo/summary. And don;t forget to look at its features listed on left sidebar.

Visit statcounter.com to sign up for a new StatCounter account.


The best web analytics available online and that to for free. These are used by many webmaster to track and analyze their website visitors. I use Google Analytics for this site.

A website can have one or more analytics account to track but keep your tacking simple by setting up only one or two accounts.

Choose any of these free site analytics software's and start tracking your site visitors.