6 Best WhatsApp Wallpaper Android Apps

We all know that we can keep a background wallpaper to WhatsApp account. A wallpaper can be seen whenever we open a WhatsApp conversation. We can keep our personal picture or other important pictures as WhatsApp wallpapers. But what if you want to keep other high definition images as wallpaper for your WhatsApp account?

For this reason, we are going to list out few best WhatsApp wallpaper android apps. These apps will provide you with many HD wallpapers which can be used as a wallpaper to your WhatsApp chat.

Please note these apps are only for android devices, so people using WhatsApp on an Android device can use these wallpapers.

Let's see these apps,

The best wallpapers app for android. World's no. 1 background wallpapers app with more than 80,000,000 users and over 8000 images collection.

Its a free app and wallpapers are updated daily, Use these wallpapers not only for WhatsApp but also for other chat messengers or as android background wallpapers.

Please visit play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ogqcorp.bgh to download and install for free.

Find many HD wallpapers for free for your android device.

The best feature about this app is to find wallpapers based on the categories, colors, tag etc.

You can also save these images on to your android device. Find new images every week.

WhatsApp wallpaper app, an app from the creator of WhatsApp. This is the best place to find wallpapers for your WhatsApp conversations.

It is a free app. Installing and using them is very easy.

Find really amazing WhatsApp wallpapers in HD and QHD resolutions. Whatever your device pixels are, these images will be perfect with correct resolutions.

Easy to download wallpapers which can be used on WhatsApp or other chat messengers or can be used to set as phone wallpaper.

Find very big collection of wallpapers which are updated regularly.

Many categories to choose and easy to set as a WhatsApp wallpaper.

These are a set of many Wallpaper apps for chat messengers.

You can find wallpapers related to Animals, Love, Beach, Garden and many more.

Visit play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=New+Generation+Mobile+Apps to find wallpaper apps developed by New Generation Mobile Apps.


So, these are the best WhatsApp wallpaper apps for android devices. You can use them not only for WhatsApp but also for other chat messengers.

If you know any other app, please let us know.