5 Best Website Speed Testing Tools

Increase in website loading time will directly effect your websites bounce rate. Websites should be optimized to get low page load timings. So, to analyze a websites loading speeds, we can find many website speed testing tools online.

In this article we are going to list out the best website speed testing sites.

Lets see the list,

1) Google's PageSpeed Insights:

By far this is the best website speed testing tool. And what will be the best website speed test tool other than Google's own tool.

This tool will analyze your website's speed on desktop and on mobile and shows you the score.

It also helps you to fix the issues which are making your website slow.

Visit developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/ to use Google's website speed test tool.

2) Pingdom Website Speed Test:

Another best website speed test tool by Pingdom. This tool analyzes your website very deeply and shows the time to load images, files everything in different color codes.

Try this tool by visiting tools.pingdom.com/fpt/.

3) Dotcom-Monitor:

This tool tests the website loading time from 24 different locations in real browsers.

Just enter your website and select the browser you wanted to test on. That's it! You can analyze the speed of your website instantly.

Test this speed testing tool by visiting dotcom-tools.com/website-speed-test.aspx.

4) GTmetrix:

This tool analyzes the website and gives complete details of the loading times, YSlow scores and also recommendations to speed up your site.

With many other features like video capturing, you can analyze your site very deeply and see what is making your site slow.

Use this tool by visiting gtmetrix.com.

5) WPEngine:

If you are using a WordPress site, then you may use this tool.

This website speed test tool from WPEngine will analyze your WordPress site's loading speed and also gives recommendations to increase sites speed and performance.

Visit wpengine.com/speed-tool/ to use the tool.


These are few best website speed testing tools to use to test a website loading speed.

If you know any other best website speed testing tool, please let us know.